Organizing Committee

logoThe Chemometrics and Analytical Technology research group at the Department of Food Science at the University of Copenhagen is proud to be organizing the 18th international conference on NIR spectroscopy.

The Spectroscopy & Chemometrics research group consists of 40 persons of which approximately 20 are PhD students, and is headed by professor Søren Balling Engelsen. The Spectroscopy & Chemometrics group is experts in biospectroscopy and chemometrics. The section is one of the world leading research groups in chemometrics and has built up a strong spectroscopy laboratory for food quality control, process analytical technology, foodomics and metabolomics research.

The section works tightly together with the Danish and international food industry and is strongly involved in the Danish industry-science partnership for innovation and research in food science called inSPIRe and in the BIOPRO consortium, which is targeted towards the development of the next generation of optimized and sustainable bioprocesses. Last but not least, the section is strongly involved in knowledge transfer to industry through an industrial consortium in chemometrics called
ODIN and through course activities in Copenhagen School of Chemometrics.

We invite you to visit our research group homepage at where you can find more information on the group and our research.

The organizing committee is composed of the following members :

Prof. Søren Balling Engelsen, Committee chair

Recipient of the 2015 Tomas Hirschfeld Award
Expertise: NIR Spectroscopy



Klavs Martin Sørensen

Expertise: Instrumentation & On-line measurements


Åsmund Rinnan

Expertise: Explorative data analysis


Frans v.d. Berg

Experstise: Process Analytical Technology


José Amigo

Expertise: Hyper-spectral imaging


Thomas Skov

Expertise: Chemometrics


Birthe M. Jespersen

Expertise: Cereals

Hediye Arslan

Conference Secretary

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